Cuddledown Manufacturing Story

Cuddledown is a company committed to making and selling the finest bedding, sleepwear and home décor. The quality of these products, combined with Cuddledown’s devotion to great customer service, makes it the premier source for all things cozy.

Cuddledown got its start in 1973 by making just one product: lightweight, lofty down comforters. At first, these down comforters were sold directly to friends and family. Those were the days of the first energy crisis, and high oil prices made it very costly to heat homes. Down comforters were new to New Englanders, but it didn't take long for people to fall in love with their cozy warmth. This specially crafted bedding allowed people to turn down the heat at night – even during the coldest Maine winters. Friends of Cuddledown adopted the centuries-old European tradition of sleeping underneath down comforters and enjoying warm, luxurious comfort with little weight.

As the popularity of these comforters grew, the business expanded andthe first catalog was printed. Cuddledown’s founders opened a small shopin Yarmouth, Maine that served as the base for catalog operations, andthe company began to gain national exposure. Today, Cuddledown productscontinue to be sold in the catalog, as well as on andthrough wholesale and hospitality by Royal River Trading. You can findCuddledown products at other fine retailers and sleep on Cuddledownbedding while staying at fine hotels and resorts.

As the exclusive wholesaler of Cuddledown, Royal River Trading currently offers a wide selection of synthetic and down comforters, featherbeds, and over 30 styles of synthetic and down pillows, all individually handcrafted in Yarmouth, Maine. This bedding is made with the world’s finest fabric and fill. Cuddledown’s bedding experts visit suppliers' establishments throughout the year to ensure that quality of the raw materials meets Cuddledown's high standards. Cuddledown also uses independent laboratories to test the fill power of the down.

Every step of the manufacturing process is completed with detailed care, and the quality is checked to confirm that only the finest products are produced. Rest assured that Cuddledown's handmade comforters, pillows and featherbeds will perform to the highest standards while exceeding your expectations.

Royal River Trading also offers a large portion of Cuddledown’s product line of sheets, blankets, and towels. All are sourced from the finest mills in the world with the best materials and techniques. Plus, all of the products offered are rigorously tested and researched before they are placed in the catalog or on the website.

Cuddledown is also proud to offer certified safe bedding that has been tested by Oeko-Tex® and is free of all chemicals. By keeping harmful chemicals out of fabrics, these substances are also being kept out of the environment. The testing required for Oeko-Tex® certification is exhaustive, but Cuddledown and Royal River Trading place the highest value on fabric quality and safety.